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Wild Side 2017 - Overview

The South Carolina Environmental Law Project

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The South Carolina Environmental Law Project

The South Carolina Environmental Law Project

The South Carolina Environmental Law Project

On November 4, 2017, join us at Hobcaw Barony, Georgetown, SC, in the heart of the unique estuarine environment of Winyah Bay and where SCELP's journey began 30 years ago!

Created in 2010 to honor the legacy of SCELP's founder, Jimmy Chandler, Wild Side has become a popular community event and a vital part of our continued operation. This year we will also be celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we have a few surprises in the works for you all.

Once again, the schedule is full of activities and entertainment for both sponsors and other guests, including nature walks, boat tours, Hobcaw historic lore, drinks, live music, silent auction, and much good food.

Sponsors, Wild Side advocates and other guests will all be gathering for a memorable event, with iconic naturalist Rudy Mancke as featured speaker and special guest.

We will also be paying tribute to some of the key figures in SCELP's fist 30 years and engaging you as we chart another generation of forceful legal advocacy.

Check out this year's sponsorship benefits by clicking the link below and join a remarkable group of individuals and organizations helping us pursue our goals of resource protection, accountability, community empowerment and environmental awareness throughout South Carolina.

Take a moment to explore all the details available on the website and do not hesitate to give us a call if you need any further information.

We look forward to seeing you at Wild Side!

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