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Wild Side 2019 - Overview

The South Carolina Environmental Law Project

10th Annual Wild Side

This October 12, 2019 will be a special date and a special event: the 10th Anniversary of SCELP's Wild Side.

This year, we will celebrate overlapping anniversaries, a new format, and a new venue: Kaminski House.

Albert George, Director of Conservation at the South Carolina Aquarium will be our guest speaker.

When Wild Side was first held, it was a memorial for Jimmy Chandler, put together by a few friends in a couple of weeks. Over the years, as we continued to celebrate the legacy of SCELP's founder, Wild Side has become a popular community event and an important part of our operations: our signature event!

This year we are gathering again, to pay homage to our Watersheds, Ocean, Wetlands — the WOW of South Carolina!

Give us a call or contact us via email if you would like to be involved or need more information.

We look forward to celebrating with you on October 12th.