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Lowcountry Giving Day 2016

LGD16 was held on May 3rd, with an extension through May 4th at noon to offset technical difficulties in the first hours.

More than 170 people donated to SCELP, contributing over $60,000. Humbling and inspiring, to say the least. Thank you all.

LGD16 vision was to unite Lowcountry citizens, businesses and nonprofits for the purpose of making the Lowcountry a better place to live, grow, create and learn through a spirit of generosity and collaboration.

SCELP Goals for LGD16 included:

  • 50 new donors
  • 50 thousand dollars in total funds raised

All to further support our work in defense of coastal resources against unprecedented challenges, old foes and all who think to cut corners or “save money” at the expense of our environment and quality of life.

Perks and Incentives

To help us achieve our goals, the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation and other generous supporters made available over $20,000 in matching funds, challenging you to give to SCELP on Giving Day. $23,000 of donations were matched $1 to $1 and their impact was doubled!

To help you help us, we offered limited edition posters of the painting Port Royal Fisherman, by Jonathan Green (1997, Oil on Canvas 60" X 48" ©Jonathan Green - Private Collection) to early and generous supporters.

$5,000 of matching funds and half of the allotted posters were reserved for first time SCELP donors.

LGD16 SCELP Campaign Final Report:

We raised $59,090 at the cut off (May 4th, 12pm), including $5,285 from new donors. A few more checks and gifts for Giving Day trickled in after the deadline bringing the total to just over $61,000. In short, you rocked!

Reached and exceeded the $50,000 Goal !
All $23,000 in catalyst challenge gifts matched !
40 New Donors (Goal 50) (close enough - help us do better next year!)
Lowcountry Givng Day
Lowcountry Givng Day