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Seminar discusses erosion
April 8th, 2004

Lawyer: Battles could arise over changing lot sizes

By Kelly Marshall
The Sun News

Environmentalists attending a day-long seminar Wednesday on coastal erosion said more challenges could be coming to the state's beachfront management laws, including a ban on sea walls.

Whether the ban is constitutional was not decided in a recent lawsuit brought by six property owners on Daufuskie Island, said Jimmy Chandler, a Georgetown resident who is head of the S.C. Environmental Law Project.**

The lawsuit was settled before the issue was fully decided.

The ban, which has been in place since 1988, was said to infringe on the residents' rights to protect their property, Chandler said.

In March, a judge said the Daufuskie Island homeowners could keep the sea walls but must remove them if there are other permitted ways to protect their property.