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Tom Rice legislation could give gated Inlet Harbour community access to federal funds
February 17th, 2014

MURRELLS INLET — U.S. Rep. Tom Rice is sponsoring legislation that would make nearly two dozen of this town’s most expensive homes in the gated Inlet Harbour community eligible for flood insurance and other federal assistance, a move environmentalists say is bad policy and runs counter to the Republican Congressman’s pledge to limit government and reduce federal spending.

The oceanfront and second-row homes are in a zone formed by Congress as part of the 1982 Coastal Barrier Resources Act. Property within the CBRA zone – which includes several points along the East Coast and the Great Lakes – is ineligible for federal aid, such as flood insurance or disaster recovery funds in the event of a hurricane. The act is designed to limit development on environmentally sensitive and storm-prone land. The properties can be developed, but only with private money.

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