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Environmentalists raise concerns, proponents tout benefits of Bucksport Marina Industrial Park
February 18th, 2014

DHEC is holding this public hearing to consider whether it should grant a permit for the proposed industrial marina at Bucksport, a project that should concern EVERYONE - "environmentalist" or not. If you live in this community and value clean drinking water, want utility companies that charge and spend responsibly, and oppose special interest projects that benefit the few, please join us Monday to question the wisdom of this project!

CONWAY — Local environmental groups said Tuesday they are worried about the impact a proposed Bucksport Marina Industrial Park will have on the Waccamaw River and an adjacent wildlife refuge, but one of the project’s leaders said steps are being taken to minimize any risk and the benefit to the local economy could be tremendous.

Fred Richardson – executive director of the Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority, which wants to build the industrial park – said it could give this area a unique opportunity to lure boat manufacturers and other industry with good-paying jobs. Richardson said the park is going through a rigorous permitting process that involves state and federal regulators to ensure any environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

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