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DHEC holds community meeting to discuss jellyballs
April 22nd, 2014

SEABROOK, SC (WTOC) - The Beaufort County community met on Tuesday night at Whale Branch Middle School to discuss a jellyball processing operation.

DHEC representatives, who organized the meeting, spent two hours answering questions about what the agency can and cannot do.

Almost all of the people spoke out about having the two companies, Carolina Jellyballs and Millernarian Trading Company, operate in Beaufort County.

People agreed that a jellyball operation would pollute the water quality for residents and marine life.

Congressman Mark Sanford, who wrote a letter to DHEC opposing the idea, added that this has become one of the biggest issues his office has heard about lately.

"I think the meeting, for me, raised more questions based on the questions I had not heard before," said Sanford. "We're going to do some homework on those. I think it still registers a real level of concern, what we've heard overwhelmingly is that people seem to be against what has been proposed here."

"I think it would pollute the water and make it stink," said Seabrook resident Don Rabon. "You've got saltwater intrusion and they're talking about pumping a lot of water out. I just think it's just a bad idea except for a handful of people."

DHEC is requiring two of the company's three sites to obtain a stormwater permit before they can operate now.

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