South Carolina Environmental Law Project

Lawyers for the Wild Side of South Carolina

Why Protect the Environment?

Our natural resources in South Carolina are one of our most valuable assets. We have miles of beautiful beaches, spectacular mountain vistas, winding and serene rivers, swamps, wetlands and forests of national renown. The ecosystems associated with these geographic landscapes provide a multitude of recreational opportunities, from swimming, fishing, boating, hunting, bird-watching or just building a sand castle. Indeed, many people have moved to South Carolina because of our bountiful resources. But more than the respite and rejuvenation we receive from enjoyment of our natural resources, they play an integral role in our well-being.

Our natural environment consists of essential habitats for fish and wildlife, which support food sources through both recreational and commercial activities. Our wetlands, swamps and marshes provide water storage during flood events, recharge the groundwater, and sequester carbon and other pollutants. Our abundant rivers provide drinking water, as well as irrigation and industrial water sources. Our lives are directly dependent on the health quality of our natural resources, not only for our recreational enjoyment, but for our own personal health and well-being.

SCELP's desire is to protect our environment and keep it healthy, productive and beautiful for this and future generations.