South Carolina Environmental Law Project

Lawyers for the Wild Side of South Carolina

Palmetto Giving Day 2018

You Advanced our Mission on May 1st!

Following last year's successful initiative of nonprofit leaders in Georgetown in collaboration with the Bunnelle Foundation and many local businesses, Palmetto Giving Day came back stronger and bolder: over 50 organizations, their donors and the community rallied together and accomplished a major goal raising over 1.1 million dollars.

These are challenging times for conservation and environmental causes, and we tremendously grateful for all the South Carolinians and South Carolina lovers who joined us on May 1st and made our Palmetto Giving Day a huge success.

These were SCELP's Giving Day Goals for this year:

  • 200 donations
  • 50 new donors
  • $60,000 in total funds raised
Perks and Incentives

To help us achieve our goals, the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation and other generous supporters, including the Tamsberg Family Foundation, Calvert Huffines and our own Board pledged over $30,000 in matching funds, which doubled almost to the cent all of your generous gifts.

All new donors at the $50 level or higher will soon receive a limited edition posters of the painting Port Royal Fisherman, by Jonathan Green (1997, Oil on Canvas 60" X 48" @ Jonathan Green - Private Collection) and these are the other treats that have been awarded.

  • All gifts of $150 or more got a chance to win a Free Pass for 2 to the 9th Annual Wild Side (November 3rd)

  • All Gifts of $100 or more got a chance to win a custom engraved 3-piece knife set, 3 shucking cloths, and the famous Frogmoreâ„¢ Shrimp Cleaner from Toadfish Outfitters (karma worked out great on this one!)

  • Gifts of $50 or more got a chance to win the best book combo on the wondrous Lowcountry coast: A Coast for All Season and A Tide-Swept Coast of Wind and Marsh on South Carolina and Georgia respectively, both by Miles Hayes and Jacqui Michel.

  • Also, the first 50 gifts on May 1st (aka Early Birds) got a chance to win a Free Pass for 2 to our Paddle for Captain Sam Spit coming up on May 20th, in celebration of the most recent win in the Supreme Court.

  • Finally, all other gifts were entered in a final raffle for a hat and shirt from our friends at Toadfish Outfitters.

YES, YOU DID IT!!! You gave the most gifts to protect South Carolina's natural environment!

Thank you!
Total Funds Raised: $65,731
Total Donors: 201
First Time Donors: 33
$30,000 in 24 Hours. We Matched It All!