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SCELP Has Turned 30!

SCELP began its work in June of 1987 as the only organization providing full-time legal services to South Carolina environmental groups. In the beginning, we operated from year-to-year on short-term plans fitting limited budgets and the most urgent threats to our natural treasures. With SCELP's increasing case load and growing role in South Carolina's environmental policy debates, however, many SCELP supporters expressed interested in making longer-term plans for SCELP's future. And they made it happen!

In February this year, we kicked-off the celebrations hosting our Seismic Oyster Roast in Charleston at the iconic Bowens Island Restaurant. In May we brought the festivities to Columbia at the River Rat Brewery and after a quick stop in Greenville in June, our 30th Anniversary wagon made its main stop: the 8th Annual Wild Side on November 4th at Hobcaw Barony. It was a memorable gathering (see more here) and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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