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Landmark Victory in Captain Sams Spit Case

On December 10, 2014, we learned that the S.C. Supreme Court issued its 3rd ruling in our fight to protect the pristine 150-acre Captain Sams Spit. The fight involves the construction of a half-mile long, 40 foot wide concrete block wall that would cover over 2.5 acres of public sandy shoreline on the Kiawah River. The case has a protracted history, but in this new opinion, we definitively WON! The case is a landmark decision because of its announcement that tidelands must be used for the maximum benefit to the public rather than solely benefiting a private developer; that the state must consider upland impacts naturally flowing from a proposed project; and its reverence for public access to, and use of, public trust resources. We are delighted to share this victory in protecting Captain Sams with you!