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Central Electric Power Line

On behalf of the Winyah Rivers Foundation, SCELP has challenged DHEC´s certification of a project that would rip through more than 14 acres of beautiful, mature forested wetlands and floodplains across pristine Lane´s Creek and the Black River – all in the face of evidence that alternative routes are available that would practically eliminate the environmental harm.

At a public hearing in 2004, residents, concerned citizens and SCELP raised questions about the use of existing right-of-ways for the construction of the power line, rather than the destruction of natural, undisturbed habitats. Yet DHEC approved the project even though Central Electric failed to meet the legal requirements of showing a lack of feasible alternatives.

We are asking the Administrative Law Court to reverse DHEC’s approval of this project, and to protect this untouched riverine system.

Central Electric Power Line

Central Electric wants to spoil this scenic vista on Lane's Creek with a high-voltage power line when other alternatives are available.