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Pawleys Island Groin

We are challenging a permit issued to Georgetown County for construction of a groin on the south end of Pawleys Island. Groins are an outdated tool for addressing coastal erosion and are universally disfavored in the scientific community because of their known negative impacts on downdrift beaches. We are representing the Sierra Club, the League of Women Voters of Georgetown County, and the Coastal Conservation League in challenging this permit.

Our case was assigned to Judge Lenski in the Adminstrative Law Court, and it immediately became apparent that Georgetown County had no intention of defending its permit. The County has not responded to any orders or deadlines issued by Judge Lenski, despite being warned that failure to respond could result in dismissal. Using a number of legal tools, we are seeking to have the County's permit dismissed based on their default in this case. We argued our motion for summary judgment in mid-2013 and resolution of that issue presently rests before the court.

Pawleys Island Groin

South end of Pawleys Island where the groin is proposed.