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The Winter Newsletter Is Here!
Posted: January 20, 2017

Please enjoy our 2016 Winter Newsletter, covering cases update and other news from our staff, board and operations, including the opening of our Upstate office!

From the cover story:

South Carolina’s policy of retreat has been on the law books since 1988. The policy discourages building too close to the beach/dune system and encourages those who have built too close to it to move back. At that time our legislature recognized that rising sea levels have serious ramifications for humans and wildlife. Now we are experiencing those ramifications first hand, and the policy of retreat is being put to the test as more and more homeowners find their properties beset by high tides. Two recent issues have arisen exemplifying this dilemma. One case involves erosion control structure on our beaches and the other involves the construction of a house seaward of the state’s jurisdictional setback building lines.

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