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New Skirmishes on Captain Sams Spit
Posted: April 5, 2017

In March we filed our reply brief in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Coastal Conservation League, challenging Administrative Law Judge Anderson's order authorizing the entire 2,783-ft long bulkhead along the Kiawah River, as well as the 40-ft wide revetment along Beachwalker Park.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to move forward with discovery and preparing for trial in the related but separate case involving permits issued by DHEC to KDP authorizing the construction of a 2,380-ft steel sheet pile wall in the dunes along with a road and related infrastructure to support 50 single family homes on the Spit. As we mentioned last fall, Hurricane Matthew caused extensive erosion on Kiawah's beachfront, including up to 120 feet on the Spit (see pictures below and on the right, both courtesy of Rich Thomas). We hired a surveyor who went out to the site this month to measure the erosion from the river side, which we believe will be helpful in our case. Read more about all of this here.

Also on behalf of CCL and its members living on Kiawah Island, we recently submitted comments on an application by KDP for coverage under a general permit to conduct beach renourishment. The general permit covers "minor" renourishment activities and KDP is seeking to move 8,000 cubic yards of sand to the Spit and the area around Beachwalker Park. DHEC received enough comments in opposition that they are required to hold a public hearing, which will be held on April 18th at 6 pm at Kiawah Town Hall.

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Download available Comments on KDP 'minor' renourishment

Download available General Permit