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Business Alliance Stands Against Seismic Blasts in the Atlantic
Posted: May 2, 2017

SCELP is representing the Business Alliance for Protecting the Atlantic Coast (“BAPAC”) in an effort to support the denial of permits for seismic blasting in the Atlantic.

Last Spring the Atlantic was taken out of the 2017-2022 federal leasing plan for offshore exploration (the map shows the areas that would have been opened to seismic testing for oil and gas deposits). Accordingly, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (“BOEM”) denied all six pending permits for seismic blasting, including those applied for by the same three Texan companies that SCELP had challenged before the SC Administrative Law Court.

Those permit applicants filed appeals in March to the Interior Board of Land Appeals. On Monday May 1st, BAPAC moved to intervene in those appeals on the ground of the financial losses that businesses along the Atlantic Coast will suffer due to seismic blasting’s impact on fishing, recreation and tourism. You can find the motion below.

Seismic testing is one means to one end, offshore drilling, and neither makes any economic or ecological sense. The coastal population and local governments overwhelmingly oppose such extreme and unwarranted exploitation of our natural resources. SCELP will keep fighting along our many allies in the Don't Drill movement.

Download available Motion to Intervene