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Pawleys Island Groin Permit, Denied!
Posted: August 4, 2017

On behalf of SC Coastal Conservation League, Sierra Club, and the League of Women Voters of Georgetown Country, SCELP challenged the groin permit before the ALC in November 2012. While Georgetown County never really defended its case, DHEC did so with gusto, and the Town of Pawleys Island sought to intervene alleging that it would benefit from the project and that its interests were not being adequately represented by the existing parties. SCELP moved to deny the permit and dismiss the case, and, at the time a hearing was held in November 2013, Georgetown County had not made any appearance or contact with the ALC.

Then the case went into hibernation, leaving the parties and local observers puzzled and mildly amused about how long it was taking to decide clearly defined issues. The hibernation persisted despite repeated requests from Pawleys Island for a decision. Judge Lenski’s order issued yesterday, which denies the permit and dismisses the case, is a win for sound science, our natural resources, and the interests of the public at large. The order also reserved a short but firm rebuke to DHEC’s conduct in this case.

Read more about it here and our Press Release and the ALC Order are below.

Download available PI Groin - ALC Order of Dismissal

Download available PR - PI Groins Win