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Take a Tour of Charleston's Waterways (and Learn Why We Must Protect Them!)
Posted: June 29, 2020

On a sunny summer's day in June, members of the SCELP team joined Charleston Waterkeeper Andrew Wunderley on his regular bacteria sampling tour of several popular Charleston creeks and waterways as part of the Waterkeeper's Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Program.

At each sampling site, Andrew and SCELP Staff Attorney Leslie Lenhardt spoke about their respective work in protecting these waterbodies and explained why the stewardship of these natural resources is important for the surrounding environment and community. Watch below:

Meet Andrew and Leslie

James Island

Andrew talks about the pollution and high bacteria levels at James Island Creek, an urban and suburban tidal creek.

Plum Island

Andrew talks about the Plum Island sewage treatment plant's ominous future in the face of a changing climate.

Sullivan’s Island

At Sullivan's Island, Leslie speaks about SCELP's fight to block seismic blasting off the Atlantic coast on behalf of 16 coastal municipalities and the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

Shem Creek

Andrew and Leslie discuss our joint petition to improve South Carolina's recreational water quality standards.

Hobcaw Creek

Andrew talks about marsh migration and the importance of healthy marshes and the problem of plastic debris trapped in the grasses. Leslie explains how wetlands naturally protect surrounding areas from storm surges and flooding.